Height : 5′ 7″
Weight Class : Middleweight

Location : West Chester, PA
Occupation : College Student, Public Health
Gym : Crossfit Proven

Instagram : @sierrafarkas
Facebook : Sierra Alexandra Farkas


Best OHP : 180lb. Barbell, 130lb. Strict, 90lb. Dumbbell for 4 reps
Best Deadlift : 400lb. 18″ Deadlift
Best Squat : 250lb. (back) / 220lb. (front)
Best Stone : 240lb. to 48″
Best Yoke : 500lb. for 30′
Best Farmers : 200lb. for 60′

How did you get started in strongman? My brother heavyweight pro Ethan Farkas introduced me to it in 2014. I did my first show March 2014 Battle at Baywood and have been hooked ever since.

Other sports you participate(d) in? I have played many different sports throughout my life, ice hockey, softball, swim team, field hockey, track, and basketball but none can compare to strongman and what it has done for me mentally, physically and spiritually.

Favorite event : Circus dumbbell, I like pressing events and that’s the coolest one.

Least favorite event : Yoke, my legs have always been my weakness.

Athletic accomplishments / titles : 10 competitions since 2014, nationally qualified 7 times. Competed at nationals twice. I am hoping to qualify for the Arnold Strongwoman World Championships soon!

How often do you train? I train 6 days a week: lifting/ high intensity cardio 3 days per week. Swimming moderate intensity the other 3 days. Resting 1 day per week.

“Strongman has strengthened me on every level, mentally, physically and spiritually. It has taught me that value does not come from appearance.”


Strongman has strengthened me on every level, mentally, physically and spiritually. It has taught me that value does not come from appearance. The only thing that matters in this sport is your abilities. I have to give the glory to God because he is the reason I am able to push through each day. I’m also thankful for my training partner (Kyra) and my coach/brother (Ethan) who push me to be my best every session. Thanks to my friends and family who support me in what I do. Also my gym family at Crossfit Proven for their support and giving me the opportunity to train there.

Positivity is everything especially in this sport, where your state of mind can affect whether you hit a lift or not. Always listen to your coach and everything they say even if you don’t agree with it. When I finally decided to listen I got much stronger. Also I found myself improve the most when I stopped doubting and became confident in myself and my abilities.