NEW! StrongMom Division

In an effort to make the transition from motherhood back into strength training smoother, and to retain female athletes, we have created a new division for female strongman competitors who have recently had a child : StrongMom.

StrongMom athletes cannot place nor win trophies/prizes, they are an exhibition athlete. This gives postpartum women the structure of having a contest to train for and all of the contest day fun and experience, but without having to jump right back into open class weights that their body might not be ready for yet.

This division was created for competitors who were previously in the Open division as a transition back into strongman. However, competitors who were previously Novice, or who are completely new to strongman, may also use this option.

A competitor may choose to NOT use this option. No competitor will be required to 1. compete novice after the birth of a child or 2. compete novice unscored if they were a novice competitor / new to the sport before the birth of their child and do not wish to exercise this option.

Timeframe : A competitor may be in the StrongMom division for up to two (2) years postpartum.

For shows with novice divisions that have weight classes : StrongMom athletes are required to make weight for their desired weight class, or they will be bumped into the next weight class, just as any other athlete would.

Once a postpartum competitor competes in the Open division (scored), they no longer have the option to compete in the StrongMom division. UNLESS there is no novice division offered in the contest they would like to compete.

For shows with no novice division : StrongMom athletes may compete in the Open class, in the appropriate weight class, unscored. They will still be allowed to compete in novice divisions in other competitions.

To compete as a StrongMom, simply register for your weight class in the novice division and send an email to info@ladieslifthere.com letting us know! That's it! You're in!

Clothing / Banners

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If you have an issue with a Ladies Lift Here item, please contact info@ladieslifthere.com.

Please allow 2-3 weeks for shipping (3-4 weeks internationally). Although orders often arrive much sooner than this, we are a traveling circus! This means our inventory is often at shows or in transit, so it takes a bit longer to process!

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Contest Entries

Contest entries are nonrefundable and nontransferable between competitors.

Ladies Lift Here will honor one (1) entry transfer to another Ladies Lift Here competition (of the same entry fee) within one (1) calendar year of initial registration date, if the transfer request is placed thirty (30) calendar days before the contest the competitor wishes to withdraw from. Withdrawal / transfer requests placed after thirty (30) calendar days cannot be honored.

If the competitor decides to use their original entry for another show, the competitor must contact Ladies Lift Here as soon as possible for the show they wish to compete in, and will only be registered for the second contest after an email is received. (Transferring registration to a new show does not automatically place the competitor first for order of entry.)

In the event the competitor withdraws from the second competition, no refund shall be given.

Ladies Lift Here retains the right to approve or deny all transfer requests as they deem fit.

If you have any questions, please contact info@ladieslifthere.com.