Clothing / Banners

All items are nonrefundable and unable to be exchanged whether purchased online or in person.

If you have an issue with a Ladies Lift Here item, please contact info@ladieslifthere.com.


Contest Entries

Contest entries are nonrefundable and nontransferable between competitors.

Ladies Lift Here will honor one (1) entry transfer to another Ladies Lift Here competition (of the same entry fee) within one (1) calendar year of initial registration date, if the transfer request is placed thirty (30) calendar days before the contest the competitor wishes to withdraw from. Withdrawal / transfer requests placed after thirty (30) calendar days cannot be honored.

If the competitor decides to use the entry for another show, the competitor must still submit a new contest entry, and will only be registered for the second contest after a signed entry form is received. (Transferring registration to a new show does not automatically place the competitor first for order of entry.) The competitor should send an email or make a note on entry form that it is a transfer.

In the event the competitor withdraws from the second competition, no refund shall be given.

If you have any questions, please contact info@ladieslifthere.com.