Meet Our Partners : Unbroken Designs

Ladies Lift Here is partnered up with some great companies that will help us put on four great competitions this year with our 2015 Queen Series. These are products we not only believe in, but use. We are proud to be able to bring them to our competitors.


Enter Unbroken Designs.


Unbroken Designs was founded at the heart of CrossFit. Prior to October 2010, Jen and Kat were strangers to each other and to CrossFit. They unknowingly walked into our first workout together and quickly became acquainted during the dreaded “Fight Gone Bad”. Everyday since then, they have grown together in the gym and in their community where we constantly conquer mental, physical, and emotional feats in the grander scale of life.

Jennifer Rando, is a singer, voice teacher, and Mid-Atlantic Region CrossFit Athlete. Kat Leone is a jewelry designer and SoCal Regionals athlete. Our common ground is community. The experiences we have shared together thus far, and the meanings behind them, have inspired this venture. We aim to give our community the opportunity to visually display the obstacles we all face in workouts and in life… always remaining, unbroken.

Jen Rando CrossFit Athlete Unbroken Designs

Kat Leone 2014 SoCal CrossFit Regionals Team Paradiso CrossFit

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