Meet Our Partners : Primo Chalk

Ladies Lift Here is partnered up with some great companies that will help us put on four great competitions this year with our 2015 Queen Series. These are products we not only believe in, but use. We are proud to be able to bring them to our competitors.


Enter Primo Chalk.

It’s a different kind of chalk. It’s naturally antibiotic and skin conditioning.

Virtually all chalk companies manufacture their chalk in China, but Primo isn’t just another chalk company. They manufacture in good ole Texas. San Marcos, Texas to be exact, about half an hour from Austin, where the owner/inventor, Jeremy Brooks, lives. They have distributors across the globe. Canada, United Arab Emirates, and a Scottish distributor is coming on board within weeks.


Primo Chalk is awesome for a few reasons:

It is a “finer grind” than most chalks. The smaller particles are able to stick to and cover the entire hand better meaning you don’t need to use as much of the chalk to get a good grip, causing the chalk to last longer.

Secondly, they mix powdered Epsom salt into the mixing process. Epsom salt is a desiccant. That means it sucks up moisture and creates a very grippy mixture.

They also add natural essential oils to the chalk. This makes the chalk naturally anti-bacterial. Natural anti-bacterial properties are great because the bacteria they protect against tend to not adapt to them. This is in contrast to the anti-bacterial chemicals (found in typical soaps) that are created in a lab that bacteria adapt to, creating “super bugs” we hear about.

The other cool part about the essential oils is that they condition your hands. This reduces the tears in skin lifters and climbers often get. Less tears means less opportunity for germs to enter your body. (They also smell really really good).

It is a great product for gyms and competitions because of its antibacterial properties. Hawaii, Texas Tech, Purdue and Oklahoma have all gotten on board with Primo Chalk, in hopes of reducing the spread sickness and infection amongst athletes in the weight room.


Along with getting involved with strongman through Ladies Lift Here, Primo also sponsors athletes. They sponsor awesome athletes in the rock climbing, CrossFit and the lifting world. Darian Sperry is a very talented young weight lifter, and has qualified for Nationals and the American Open in Olympic Weightlifting at the age of 19. They also sponsor professional rock climber Sierra Blair-Coyle and CrossFit athlete Marcus.

We are so excited to also start selling Primo Chalk (especially the chalk balls) in our store online (coming in 2015) and at our booth at shows!

Check out Primo Chalk at: