Gentlemen Beware : The Story of Rosie & Ladies Lift Here

by Amanda Kulik

This is the story behind the inspiration for the start of Ladies Lift Here and Rosie, our lovely lead lady.

Have you met Rosie?

llh_dumbbell_pinup2Rosie has been the Ladies Lift Here mascot from the beginning. The beginning being a dirty warehouse strongman gym, with a growing women’s lifting contingent that needed a little more bathroom courtesy from their male counterparts.

I have always been into traditional American tattoos and Sailor Jerry pinups. While working on a new tshirt design in that vein, I stumbled upon an image of a pinup sitting in a martini glass that said “Sailor Beware.”
That sparked the saying “Gentlemen Beware : Ladies Lift Here” which would be serve as the warning to keep the bathroom a little neater. Perfect, but the saying needed an equally sassy mascot. Something that embodied feminine strength, but original. Staying in the same vein as the inspiration for the type. Something classic. Is there anything more fitting than old school tattoos and heavy lifting? I submit that there is not.

The very first idea looked like this:



Rosie was born.

I promptly put her on tshirts, posters, banners and anything else that dealt with the strongwoman community of Ironmill and beyond. Ladies Lift Here has evolved in the last few years, from a warehouse lifting group, to seminars, to tshirts, to a community, a website and now strongwoman promotion: But Rosie has remained, lovely as ever.



So why “Rosie”?

  1. And not to seem too vain, it’s my middle name. Growing up my father called me Rosie. It was my great-grandmother’s name and she was a hell of a woman. A business owner and world traveler who lived into her 80s, who could do it all. She was one of my earliest role models, and exposed me to true feminine strength.
  2. The most famous Rosie, the Riveter, has been a symbol of female strength and power since 1942. Hell, she has made it all the way into the 21st century.
  3. The song “Whole Lotta Rosie” by AC/DC. Fantastic.
  4. Her Betty Paige hair and bright lips called for something retro and classic.



What does Rosie stand for?

Rosie stands, at least for me, and I hope for everyone else, as a symbol. She is pieces of me; who I already am, who I aspire to be, what I hope to inspire. She embodies strength, power, with a bit of edge, sex appeal, rock’n’roll, tattoos and lifting weights. To me, she’s perfection.

She’s an original: Her own woman. Hand crafted. Something I dreamed up, delusional from C4 and too much Ink Master, to represent the women’s strongman community.

She’s confident And proud. And sexy. She has delts, and hips, and heels. She’s strength and femininity all in one.

She’s a reminder that women are becoming a huge part of the strongman community.

But most importantly, she’s meant to be fun, to stand as a reminder that we all do this for the love. Love for ourselves, for our sport, for our fellow athletes and the enjoyment we get out of the process. To become the women we want to be. To change our own perceptions and society’s. To be strong.

So, Gentlemen Beware, because the ladies will continue to lift, and have fun, and be awesome.



AMANDA KULIK is an avid lover of all things strength sports and the founder of Ladies Lift Here. She is mother to one beautiful baby boy (and one fur baby). You can catch her in her silver Honda Fit cruising the East Coast looking for strongman adventures.


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