3rd Annual Charm City Strongwoman Competition : A Fundraiser for Colon Cancer

Emily Speaks About Colon Cancer

Hearing Emily Socolinsky speak about raising over $10,000 for colon cancer research and prevention amidst a sea of women competitors, their friends and families, spectators and passersby, was truly moving. Her voice was a bit shaky, and I felt tears well up in my eyes.

This woman is a powerhouse.

Not only did she organize a well run, WOMEN’S ONLY competition (that had over 55 sign ups) she also raised an amazing amount of money for a cause near and dear to her heart. That, in my book, is called winning.


Emily with her LadiesThe contest was a little different than most strongman competitions I’ve attended. It had a unique flair and energy. It was creative and totally refreshing.

Events included a max log press, a power stairs variation, zercher carry for time, weight throw for distance and an awesome wheelbarrow medley that included a big badass chain. Competitors in every class (Fun, Advanced and Pro) really took to it, and put on an awesome show.

I have to give a huge shout out to the show helpers. The participation by all involved led to a smoothly run show with great timing. Which, from experience, is very hard to achieve.


I connected with so many strong, smart, talented and generous women. To drive home feeling refreshed and energized, sunburnt and exhausted as I was, is precisely what the strength community is all about.


So, a big-giant-huge-enormous THANK YOU to Emily for letting Ladies Lift here crash the party, spread the word and sell some shirts. Another shout out to all the ladies who stopped over to chat, got some swag and supported the cause – Ladies Lift Here exists because of people like you and great events happen with your support – keep it up!


To learn more about the charity the money was raised for, click here.

AND, if you haven’t checked out Emily’s gym, it’s Fivex3 Training in Baltimore, right near the harbor. The location is killer and the staff is out of this world.

And! For ONE WEEK ONLY (until September 22, 2014), anyone that competed at Charm City can get a $45 entry to the 2015 Ice Queen Competition! Download the entry form here.




AMANDA KULIK is an avid lover of all things strength sports and the founder of Ladies Lift Here. She is mother to one beautiful baby boy (and one fur baby). You can catch her in her silver Honda Fit cruising the East Coast looking for strongman adventures.


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