Ladies Lift Here: Women's Strength Training Resource
Ladies Lift Here began as a strength movement providing support, education & training to help women lift with confidence, show their support & share their story!

We held our first seminar in 2012, where we showed women how to use the resources in their own gyms to gain confidence and get off the cardio equipment, if they so chose. We now promote competitions, have organized group training days, sell apparel and banners, and have now launched our website to become the ultimate resource for women’s strength sports.

LadiesLiftHere.com hopes to provide up-to-date information on facilities that have women’s programming and equipment, as well as events that include women’s classes and divisions. This site is for women athletes, and not exclusive to sport or affiliation. We welcome all weightlifters, olympic lifters, powerlifters, strongwomen, highlands competitors, crossfitters and beyond to share, discuss, and have open support and conversations with one another while being able to find information that is scattered across the internet.

Please invite your friends, training partners and new girls that you meet so we can build the community across the country!

If you have information that belongs on this site, please contact us at info@ladieslifthere.com



Ladies Lift Here is meant to embody the power of every woman, everyone who is working towards a goal, hitting the iron and not making excuses. Ladies lift at home, in crossfit boxes, at commercial gyms, in storage units, in their backyard, with a group of men, with a group of women, while their kids are taking a nap, on their lunch break, with headphones in and hoodies up. So, every time you wear the tank top or hang the banner, everyone knows LADIES LIFT HERE!