2015 Ice Queen – Thank You!



2015 Ice Queen Winter Strongwoman Competition in the books. I am left feeling sore and inspired, amazed and reinvigorated, but above all, humbled.

60 women came out yesterday to compete: some to try strongman for the first time, some to qualify for nationals, others to meet their tribe and put their hard training to good use.

Thank you!

Thank you for being such a wonderful, accepting, supportive, strong, beautiful community that cheers for each other, and really meaning it. Thank you for the energy and positivity and love. Thank you for the hugs and high fives. Thank you for leaving everything on the turf, for deadlifting in the rain, for being the badasses that drive this entire enterprise.


Reading the posts and seeing the pictures and videos makes me so very proud of each and every one of you. It was amazing to put faces to the names I have been talking to for months, and to cheer for and be amazed by you. Thank you for the months of training you put it. Thank you for traveling to the show. Thank you for encouraging your fellow competitors. Thank you for the best strongman atmosphere I’ve ever been privileged to be a part of.


Most of all, thank you for trusting in Ladies Lift Here. Thank you.

And now, the most important part, even more thank yous…

Without people that love our sport, yesterday would not have been possible. If I hadn’t seen Barry at a show this summer, none of this would have happened.

Thank you to the families and friends of competitors that came out to watch and support us. Thank you to Lauren Gehrig for helping me stuff competitor bags and to Tyson’s Playground for letting us host the event on very short notice. Thank you to Louis Costa for packing my car and his car, unpacking, repacking, and unpacking again. Thank you to Barry for dealing with logistics and MCing through surgery and a huge gym move.

I have to thank Heather Ingalls and Miss Trudy Von immensely for running the Ladies Lift Here booth all day. Without competitors and their families and friends purchasing apparel, tacky, chalk and concessions, we couldn’t put on shows. Heather helped with weighins and yoke heights and any other crazy request I had.

Thank you to Auntie Kim Zimmerman for her impeccable scoring skills and every other task she had to tackle.


They say good help is hard to find, that’s not so true in the strongman world. The boys of strongman really came out and supported the ladies, and we could not have had a show without them! Brian Hosford, Fernando Escobar, Matt Makara, Jerry Zimmerman, Ian McCrae, Brian Fletcher, Kyle Wells, Mike Kropaczek, Jon Davison, Billy Rohrer, Paul May and of course the MC – Mr. Barry Von Perkins – THANK YOU! You kept the show moving, judged, scored, timed, schlepped weights, tightened dumbbells, stood outside in the freezing rain, deloaded stones, cheered on and coached all of the competitors, and kept the day fun!

If I forgot anyone, trust me, your efforts were felt and appreciated, and I am very sorry. Also, Ranger says thank you for all of the pets and treats. He will see you all again very soon!

Get those entries in for the May Queen!


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