New! StrongMom Division Added!

Attention All StrongMoms and StrongMoms-to-Be!!!

gina_melnik_strongmomAt Ladies Lift Here, we’re always giving consideration on how to better support our female strongman athletes with some of our female-specific challenges. One truth is that we face a unique issue that men don’t face — that of trying to get back into strongman after having children. It’s not an easy task and it takes a lot of dedication and hard work. And there’s VERY little support within the structure of the sport itself to help make this transition back into the sport more doable.
That’s where we come in. We got your back mamas!

We’re instituting a NEW Ladies Lift Here policy. For two years after the birth of a child, we’re allowing moms (who were previously open competitors) to compete in LLH shows as novices in order to help give them a stepping stone in moving back towards the open classes. The “catch” is that these StrongMom Athletes cannot place nor win trophies/prizes. Our StrongMom Athletes will be, in effect, a very special type of exhibition athlete. You’ll get all of the structure of having a contest to train for and all of the contest day fun and experience but be able to do it without having to jump right back into open class weights that your body might not be ready for yet.

No doubt many moms-to-be will also get something out of seeing the StrongMoms get back into it. LLH wants to help show all you moms-to-be that it can be done by giving you examples of moms that are actually doing it. And then you’ll know that when you’re a mom someday, there’s a path for you to get back into the sport.

So please forward this announcement to any possible StrongMom Athletes you may know. Let them know that we’d love to help support them on their comeback journey!
For more details, please visit our Policies page!

A huge thank you to Gina Melnik and Gina Cravedi of N.E.W.S. for their help.
Photo by : Izzy Berdan