Height : 5′ 4″
Weight Class : Lightweight

Location : Frederick, MD
Occupation : P.E./Health teacher and Part-time personal trainer for Soldierfit
Gym : Soldierfit, Edge 2.0 (on Sunday)

Instagram : @michelefettner
Facebook : Michele Fettner


Best OHP : 115lb. Log
Best Deadlift : 300lb. Barbell, 280lb. axle
Best Squat : 250lb. (back) / 200lb. (front)
Best Bench : 165lb.
Best Stone : 185lb.
Best Yoke : 375lb.
Best Farmers : 130lb.

How did you get started in strongman? I was introduced to the sport last summer by friends who had the equipment at their gym.

Other sports you participate(d) in? lacrosse in High School and College, done obstacle course races such as: Tough Mudder, Savage, Mud Dog

Favorite event : Truck pull because I feel it is one of my stronger areas and I think it is fun.

Least favorite event : The Log because my overhead is the weakest area for me and I have trouble with my dip and drive.

Athletic accomplishments / titles : I was able to win 2nd place in Plane Pull charity event last year in Virginia Beach, Won 1st place in my first ladies lifts here Ice Queen last year as a LW Novice, and came in 2nd place at my second competition in last year’s May Queen as LW Open.

How often do you train? I train on Mondays, Tuesday, Thursday, Fridays, and Sundays which is the only day I train events.

Do you use supplements? I use CLA, fish oil, glucosamine, daily vitamins, pre-workout, and BCAAs

What type of nutrition do you have with you on competition day? I usually bring water, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, fruit, protein drinks.

“I compete because it has helped to build my self-esteem being able to work besides so many skilled and positive athletes. It has also given me a place to feel as if I fit in.”


Do you have any training partners? I normally workout with a buddy of mine Kenny Brown at Soldierfit, as well as train with the strongman/women crew at the Edge 2.0 on Sundays, and have paired up with Coach Katie Feeley (Katie’s ladies) and she programs for me.

Biggest obstacle you’ve overcome in your lifting career? For me my biggest obstacle was breaking the 275# deadlift as well as getting my nutrition right.

Why do you compete in strongman? I compete because it has helped to build my self-esteem being able to work besides so many skilled and positive athletes. It has also given me a place to feel as if I fit in.

Anyone you’d like to thank / acknowledge for your success? I would like to thank my Mom for always supporting me in all I want to do and teaching me that I can do and be anything I want in life. I would also like to thank my friend Ashley Young, Forrest Agee and Allen Hildebrand for teaching me about the world of strongman and coaching me in the beginning on technique in events. I would also like to thank Katie Feeley and Barry Von Perkins for coaching me and always giving me advice on how to improve.

Favorite competition you’ve competed in? Why? My favorite competition was my very first one the Ice Queen because I got to meet so many amazing women, and it allowed me to feel a sense of pride in myself that I was able to do things I thought I could never do.

What is the most important thing you have learned from competing? That you can never stop learning and growing, and that it takes time and patience to get to your goals.

What are your future plans? )I am hoping to compete in this year’s May Queen again as long as my shoulder injury heals, and would like to try a power lifting meet for the first time in June or July, as well as doing my first ever Spartan Sprint race in August.