I love being a part of this community. The 2015 Ice Queen was my first real competition as an adult of any kind. It was a huge boost to my self esteem and confidence as a lifter and novice strongwoman. Amanda, you are amazing and were so welcoming and encouraging from the start. I appreciate all of the hard work you put in to your business and these competitions and it is obvious it comes from the heart and from a love for the sport.

Jeanne Billeb

In general I have found the strongwoman community is very supportive. I see Ladies Lift Here as a means of harnessing/focusing some of that support. And by creating competitive environments where woman can be strong together. For me it created a community of support and athleticism that I had previously only seen in roller derby.

Samantha "Wham" McGovern

I did my first competition with Ladies lift here and absolutely loved it. It was an all women event and everyone was incredibly encouraging and helpful. It allowed me to really see that all skill levels are welcome to these competitions and that they are an amazing way to compete at strongman. This event made me very excited to do more events.

Katie Wilson

LLH has shown me so so much love in this community. It has allowed me to meet so many amazing women and connect with so many amazing women!! It has welcomed me with open arms into strongman! It has supported me from day one with my goals and dreams! Given me the chance to feel strong inside and out and confident! Giving a chance for women to enter into this sport feeling more comfortable and loved. I love LLH with all my heart.

Keeley Moffitt

Feeling great about competing in my 40s!

Dominique Calvani

It's nice knowing there are other female athletes who enjoy strength sports.

Kate Trautschold

I met lots of great people!

Brittany Freto

I have made so many friends simply competing in three LLH events. I love it!

Amanda Kerdzaliev

When I doubted my place in the sport, LLH opened the door. It allows women to cheer one another on via social media and celebrate each other's drive and determination at competitions. So thank you, for all that you do. Your work inspires women and the community you have built is an integral part of my training and motivation.

Kelly Plush

Love knowing that there is a Community just for women. In the strongman world it can be hard as a women but having just competitions just for women seems to open up a whole new opportunity for women that didn't think they could even compete in such events!!

Mindy Cavey

I think Ladies Lift Here has made me realize that there are a lot of awesome ladies involved in strongman and gave me the courage to go into strongman. It can be intimidating to go into a strongman gym and just see a bunch of big dudes and think "man, I don't belong here." Seeing a group like Ladies Lift Here made made me realize that there are lots of other women out there who are like me and that I should go for it.

Katie Carbonari

Ladies lift here Ice queen competition 2015 was my first ever competition and since it was all women I had the courage to go and compete. I felt comfortable to go on after that and compete in other places. The support is so amazing that you forget about your insecurities and have fun. It has definitely helped me with self confidence and i have learn so much from all the other strong ladies.

Jesse Velazquez

Definitely it had made a positive impact. I've been kind of out of it since injuries are not only a physical battle but an emotional one too. I am working hard and carefully to make a comeback in the future.

Maritza Rodriguez

I feel it is another piece of the support system for women who strength train and are into Strongman. This has been a definite journey that I am not finished with yet, from the darkest times of my life to now. Now that I am working with a coach and reaching new goals....year 42 and 43 is looking to be a very interesting year!

Audrey Costa

So far it's driven me to get stronger for the comp and overall. I have fun and I've been able to meet some wonderful people in preparation for the comp!

Carly Laney

Amanda has been so proactive in attracting women to SM. And with all this great energy, it promotes positive winning attitudes. Being around positive both mentality and physically people keep me inspired and wanting to keep training.

Dana Reinders

It's empowering to see or read about women of all shapes and sizes competing in a sport that has been dominated by men for so long. It's a sisterhood of sorts!

Jennifer Martinez

I love seeing any group build up women in the strength community it makes me happy

Gina Cravedi

I love lifting! LLH has provided such a great environment for meet to grow as a competitor and provided me the opportunity the meet some amazing women that I otherwise would have never met. The positive, encouraging environment couldn't be better and I look forward to competing in more LLH events next year.

Crystal Lowery

Probably the past two years has been kind of off with me. Finding Ladies Lift Here introduced me to this new life where its okay if I'm bigger and it's okay if I'm not the best. The women I have met through the competitions and training have been such a bright spot in my life this year. I get a kick out of telling people about our competitions and how its all of these amazing women being a bunch of bad asses. I have a bunch of people who can't wait to see the show in January now. LLH has honestly given me a sense of belonging and a new family that I can't wait to introduce people to.

Diondra Fryer

LLH was my first Open competition and it was not intimidating when I got there, the weights for HWO pushed me outside of my comfort zone and I PR'd on TWD events that day! Great overall experience, and I think Amanda is fabulous. She puts her all into LLH and it shows.

Morgan King

I like that you have expanded on the sport by doing women's only contests. I love it. A lot. Everyone made me feel like a superstar at the Queen of the Solstice. (and not just because I won.) I'd recommend you to anyone that asked.

Angela Mellen

I'm sure I'm not the only one who has become a better human being, a happier human being, a more balanced and lovable human being because of the time I've spent under a barbell. It's still miraculous to me that I can feel strong and powerful as a sub 5'2" woman. I love that this amazing sport has brought with it a sea of spectacular women who I am honored to call friends. Other than the horrific reek of my knee sleeves, there is nothing I don't love about the strength sports.

Rachael Keilin

LLH, prob unknowingly, was my first cheerleader in this sport when everyone else was telling me I'd get hurt and not to get my hopes up or be too competitive.But how was LLH my cheerleader you may ask? Well, LLH was reposting my videos and pictures from the start. I got support n encouragement from this community that has immeasurably affected my confidence, especially in the first few months of training when I was scared sh*tless.

Kelly Plush

I love that you have women's only shows. I feel like it's so important for women to support each other, and being an athlete in such a niche sport, and being a woman on top of that, it's hard to find like minded people. I think what your organization does is bring together those like minded people, and form a support group that you wouldn't normally have. I have met such great women through this sport, and I really look forward to being able to compete in one of your shows this year!

Sarah Englehardt

When I first started strong(wo)man, there were almost no women at all in local shows. It's been incredible to see the growth of the sport over the past few years, especially with female competitors. LLH has made strongwoman accessible and inviting for many more women. The quality of the competition has also improved greatly. There was a lot of sloppy form and unprepared competitors when I started. Now everyone seems better trained, better informed, and all-around stronger. This sport is growing, and I'm so happy to be a part of it!

Katie Feeley

I found ladies lift here when I was looking for other women in the area who lift after only having a male support group. At the very first training session, I found other women who shared common goals and understood the importance of lifting, which pulled me into competing in strongman as well as powerlifting. Now I have a wonderful group of women I call friends that continually grows with each competition I do.

Kirsten Deeds

The simple fact that there's a group just for women, run by a woman is awesome. I definitely signed up for Solstice and Harvest knowing that if LLH runs it, it would go smoothly. Love you Amanda!

Colleen Wheat

Ladies Lift Here has been amazing - having all womens shows has been a HUGE factor in being able to meet so many amazing women and in growing the sport of strongman.

Gabrielle Brost

I've enjoyed that NEWS has an alley now in the strongwoman world and I've loved seeing the impact LLH has had. It impacts me in that it makes me feel inspired to keep working to support my fellow strongwomen. 🙂

Gina Melnik

The opportunity for a ladies only show full of positive women was wonderful. Unfortunately, I have been to other shows and met some mean girls. That was never the case at a LLH show. Every person I met was delightful, happy, encouraging, and fun to be around. It is a blast every single time. Thanks for what you do to make the sport great!

Lori Medford

I'll reiterate how great your organization is for the sport, and for women generally. Without you, we'd be awash in a sea of dudes at every single show, and for a lot of us that would mean not competing at all. You've really done something awesome.

Shayna Kaplan

This community is unlike any other. I joked with my mom that there is no other group of women who talk so openly and healthily about their weight. Even during contests, you can feel the support from other competitors. I have struggled with my weight for so long and to come to a contest where I can prove how hard I've worked is such a positive outlet for me. I am very proud to be a part of this group.

Alana Monastiriotis

It's really opened up opportunities for ladies to compete in a full scale competition where we don't have to worry about not having enough girls to make a weight class or not.

Danielle Seibert

You are amazing! LLH helped me fall in love with strongman and lead me to where I am today!

Nicole Demicco

It's always inspiring to see other ladies in their journey-- especially fellow newbies or those who are more at the beginning of their journeys.

Sarah Scott

I just love the fact that there is a way for women to compete with just women. Not that I prefer training and competing with only women, but it's nice once in a while to have a competition just for us - where there is no intimidation, no worries about what the men are thinking (although I've seen nothing but support from men in the strongman community), and it's great meeting other women who have the same passion for strongman that I do. There are so many strong women out there and I admire them all!

Erin Ummer

I'm very excited that Ladies Lift Here exists and I love following your content!

Siobahn Kinney

Ladies Lift Here has contributed to my overall health and wellness, by promoting events that are encouraging to all levels of athletes. I have met wonderful people and enjoy following everyone's journeys while I continue my own.

Deniz Polat

Thanks for opening my eyes to the world of strongwoman competition!


I've met new like-minded strong friends who like picking up heavy stuff like me 🙂 I always like the LLH events because they are fun, as a competitor and as someone spectating!

Kara Kincaid

Seeing a lot of other awesome ladies doing beastly stuff has made me want to train harder!

Meghan Griffen

I just love knowing there is a huge supportive community of women lifters. Keep it up!

Jocelyn Hawkes

I can say that Ladies Lift Here has really and honestly given me permission to outwardly (loudly) celebrate how proud I am of being a strong woman/a woman who lifts. It also allows me to feel like I'm a part of something bigger than just me or me and the few women I lift with at my gym. The clothing is always a conversation piece, and the online community--and OMG the competitions--are amazing! Thank you thank you, Amanda! Looking forward to what you have in store 🙂

Kayla Dias

You know how much my ladies and I love what you do. 😉 We are maniacs now about Strongwoman. I started Charm City and now with Ladies Lift Here, it's just bigger and better. Thank you for what you have done for this community.

Emily Socolinsky