Height : 5′ 5″
Weight Class : Lightweight

Location : Eagleville, Pennsylvania
Occupation : Pre-K Teacher
Gym : The Gym and Tanline Studio and Power Plant Gym

Instagram : @___klp___


Best OHP : 145lb. Axle, 145lb. Log, 85lb. Dumbbell
Best Deadlift : 300lb. Barbell, 285lb. Axle, 385lb. 18″, 325lb. trap bar
Best Squat : 250lb. back squat, 195lb. front squat
Best Bench : 135lb.
Best Stone : 215lb. to 46″
Best Yoke : 400lb. for 50′
Best Farmers : 155lb. for 120′

How did you get started in strongman? The owner of The Gym and Tanline Studios, Jim Smith, told me about Strongman Sundays and invited me to come and check it out. I’ve been hooked ever since!

Other sports you participate(d) in? I played a lot of sports growing up: basketball, soccer, volleyball, softball and field hockey. I was also on the Dance Team and an Irish Dancer in college.

Favorite event : My favorite event is the circus dumbbell. I like the fluidity of it. To me, when done properly, it is a beautiful lift. I always joke that I like it so much because its like a dance!

Least favorite event : Conventional Deadlift… I despise deadlifts. I have short arms and a really long torso so just imagine a Trex trying to deadlift and that’s me. It is the event that I have struggled with the most and the cause of a lot of frustration. Thankfully my coach (Katie Feeley) has helped me improve my technique and slowly but surely it is improving.

Athletic accomplishments / titles : I’ve competed in 8 shows since 2014 and placed in the top 3 in my last 5 competitions. I qualified for Nationals in 2015 and 2016. 2016 will be my first trip to Nationals and I’m very excited!

How often do you train? 5 days a week. One day is event training.

Do you use supplements? Do Quest Bars count?

What type of nutrition do you have with you on competition day? Peanut Butter sandwiches, protein bars, and pedialyte and water mixed. I usually have to travel to competitions so I keep it pretty simple.

“Strongman has made me stronger on the outside which proved to be the catalyst for becoming a stronger person on the inside as well.”


Do you have any training partners? train with a group of women every Saturday at Power Plant Gym in Aston, PA. We fondly refer to ourselves as Katie’s Ladies, a name that pays homage to our coach Katie Feeley. They are the most amazing group of women I’ve ever met.

Why do you compete in strongman? It is the most empowering sport I’ve ever been a part of. I always felt weak or damaged in one way or another and that caused me so much undue stress. This sport has given me so much confidence. In the past two years, I’ve gone through so much. I have autoimmune disease, I’ve struggled with mental illness and eating disorders and somehow, lifting this random stuff has gotten me through it. Strongman has made me stronger on the outside which proved to be the catalyst for becoming a stronger person on the inside as well. I learned to believe in myself, to trust that if I can flip tires, pull trucks and load these giant stones, I can attack anything life throws my way with the same ferver and come out on top. I also just love to compete, I always loved playing sports and training hard. Strongman provided me an outlet for that competitive drive. It’s also a unique sport in that its individual, you are the only one responsible for the outcome of the events, and yet your competition is cheering you on like you are their teammate. Willing you to get one more rep or hold on for one more second. The commraderie and the positive energy from this community is wonderful and it is a huge part of what I love about this sport.

Anyone you’d like to thank / acknowledge for your success? Katie Feeley, my coach, my friend and the person who taught me almost everything I know about strongman. She took me on when I was a novice and has helped me to become a national qualifier. To say I owe my success to her is an understatement. I also have to thank Jim Smith at the Gym and Tanline Studios in Norristown, PA. He is the one responsible for introducing me to this sport and has a way of always making me feel good about my lifts no matter how frustrated I may be. His positive energy is contagious and if it wasn’t for him encouraging me to try Strongman Sunday Funday at The Gym, I would never have found this sport that has changed my life for the better. As I write this I can hear his voice shouting ” Good job Kel!” and it makes me smile. I am thankful for all he has taught me and for his constant encouragement and support.

Also, I have to thank my all the women of Katie’s Ladies. They welcomed me with open arms and never judged my abilities when I was a novice and each played a significant role in helping me to succeed in this sport whether directly or indirectly. Their friendship, support and constant cheering is what helped me get through many events at competitions, hard training sessions and even hard situations in my personal life. I am grateful for all of them and love them so much! Strongwoman Saturday is my favorite day of the week because no matter what I am going through, I know that I will leave with sore abs from laughing so hard and a sore throat from cheering!

Favorite competition you’ve competed in? Why? It’s a tie between Ice Queen 2015 and Maryland’s Strongest Man. Ice Queen was my first Ladies Lift Here event and the atmosphere just made it so much fun. Maryland 2015 was great because Katie was able to be there and a lot of my teammates competed; it was a really awesome day and I reached my goal of qualifying for Nationals, which made it even better.

What is the most important thing you have learned from competing? Believe you can do it and don’t be afraid to zero on an event. Zeroing is not a failure but not trying your best is. You are never a failure if you go out there and give it everything you’ve got.

What are your future plans? Delaware’s Strongest Man, May Queen, Kumite Classic, PA’s Strongest Man.


Kelly was also featured in a Washington Post Article.