Height : 5′ 6″
Weight Class : Lightweight

Location : Lorton, Virginia
Occupation : Group Fitness Manager & Personal Trainer
Gym : Gold’s Gym in Lorton, VA

Sponsor : DotFit

Instagram : @kellbells817


Best OHP : 135lb. Axle, 135lb. Log, 80lb. Dumbbell
Best Deadlift : 300lb. Barbell, 285lb. Axle, 375lb. 18″
Best Squat : 215lb. (back)
Best Bench : 120lb.
Best Stone : 175lb. to 50″
Best Yoke : 450lb. for 50′
Best Farmers : 195lb. for 50′

How did you get started in strongman? Appalachian Team Championships in West VA in Spring 2014, my team needed a female, and I got my first taste of Strongman. Which is funny because at that time my deadlift PR was 200#.

Other sports you participate(d) in? Scholarship Rower at George Mason, Rower and swimmer in high school.

Favorite event : Medleys. I love anything athletic for reps. I’m not much of a max lifter 🙂

Least favorite event : Max Deadlift or Car DL. My nemesis. I’ve never been great pushing or pulling through my legs, my biggest weakness. AND the YOKE! UGHHH I feel like a drunk flamingo underneath that thing.

Athletic accomplishments / titles : All-Met Rowing 2006. For Strongman, my top 3 accomplishments: May Queen Open LW winner, 2nd place at NC State Championships, 3rd place 2014 Maryland’s Strongest Man. Competed at NAS Nationals in 2015.

I trained for nationals for two months… Some of the hardest training in my life. I worked hard to get my log press to 135. I felt confident going into nationals… only to realize that I was a small fish in a big pond. Just imagine the best girl you’ve ever competed against… And now there are 30 of them.

Nationals taught me to never let success get to your head and never let failure get to your heart.

How often do you train? 6 days a week, 2 hrs a day

Do you use supplements? Vitamins, L-glutamine, BCAAs, creatine occasionally

What type of nutrition do you have with you on competition day? Mostly protein bars and almonds and I always have peanut butter with me.

“Stay humble… your ego will quickly dissolve your abilities.”


Do you have any training partners? I always train strongman with the guys 🙂 Off season, I do bodybuilding workouts with the girls at the gym.

Biggest obstacle you’ve overcome in your lifting career? Making weight the first time. I went from 155 to 139, 20% bodyfat to 14% it took 3 months…. it was crazy hard.

Also, at the 2015 May Queen I subluxed my shoulder during the tire flip (slipped out of socket)… And had to finish the competition with the truck pull. I couldn’t overhead press more than 45#…and I had to compete in four weeks at North Carolina’s strongest man, which had a max log press…
I couldn’t believe that I actually pulled off a 115# log press.

Why do you compete in strongman? I love to always have a goal, it’s nice to plan training programs and cycles based on different competitions. I love that Strongman has strength elements as well as conditioning. You must be a well-rounded athlete if you want to succeed in Strongman. You have to push, pull, run, carry, lift, and load so many different kinds of implements. If you have a solid training program, strongman can mold you into an incredible athlete.

Anyone you’d like to thank / acknowledge for your success? My fiance, Nick Shelton. He’s my everything in Strongman. And of course, the whole crew of Lorton Strongman!

Favorite competition you’ve competed in? Why? The 2015 May Queen. First time I got to pull a truck, and winning it felt amazing! Like, incredible!! Especially since I hurt my shoulder so bad on the 4th event.

What is the most important thing you have learned from competing? Stay humble… your ego will quickly dissolve your abilities.

What are your future plans? I’m going to compete in the Hudson Valley Strongman competition for Autism… then I’m going to take a break from strongman and get ready for my wedding!!