Height : 6′ 0″
Weight Class : Super Heavyweight

Location : Guilford, Ct
Occupation : Photographer/ High School Track Coach
Gym : Lightning Fitness

Sponsor : Cerberus USA

Instagram : @kekebball7
Twitter : @kekebball7
YouTube : Keeley Moffitt


Before I go into this allow me to explain, PRs for strongman for me are tough, because there will be months that I don’t touch a certain implement or test a certain max for a lift…I pretty much rarely max… Also, pressing is my weakest. But my weakness WILL be my strongest in due time, but let’s see…

Best OHP : 160lb. Log, 110lb. Dumbbell
Best Deadlift : 380lb. for 2
Best Squat : 255lb. for 5(front)
Best Stone : 275lb. to 48″
Best Yoke : 600lb. for 50′ in 15 sec.
Best Farmers : 200lb. for 60′ in 9 sec.

How did you get started in strongman? I’ve been lifting since I was 14 and always wanted to do something with it competitively. My old trainer and his girlfriend suggested it to me.

Other sports you participate(d) in? Basketball, Thrower in track and field, and rugby

Favorite event : YOKE, Stones, and Amanda Kulik’s notorious sled drag of death!!! Because I’m better with moving events and I love the challenge of carrying HEAVY shit (am I allowed to swear on this?) as fast as you possibly can! And stones, I love getting down and dirty with it. Getting messy with tacky while you attack this huge stone and make it your B*tch. With the sled drag…I LOVE the quad burrrrrrrn.

Least favorite event : I honestly haven’t done an event that I haven’t loved…buuuuut with pressing being my weakness FOR NOW, I would say thats the most frustrating for me.

Athletic accomplishments / titles : Competed in 9 competitions placing first in 5 of those. Qualified for nationals 4 times. Placed 4th at America’s Strongest Women in 2015 and Qualified for the 2016 Arnold Classic/ World’s Strongest Woman.

How often do you train? I train 4-5 days a week

Do you use supplements? I use pre workout (cannibal Ferox), Canadian Protein Cyclic Dextrin, and Canadian Protein BCAAs.

What type of nutrition do you have with you on competition day? I have a problem where I get so nervous and adrenaline filled that I can’t eat during a competition…I pretty much run off adrenaline. But I try to drink a carb protein shake and glucose tablets and salt.

“It’s the one sport that has actually helped me to grow to LOVE me and my body. I’m a SHW and to finally feel beautiful at the size I am, was just the most freeing feeling. “


Do you have any training partners? No, applications are out though for anyone that wants to train with me!!!

Biggest obstacle you’ve overcome in your lifting career? My shoulder injury last year is definitely one of them. But also, not having a training partner. This sport isn’t easy sometimes. And I’ve had two large competitions to train for back to back and I get drained. I LOVE this sport, but when I did have a training partner I loved having that other person there to help me find that motivation and bring the energy. I’ll see other woman have training partners and having a blast together, and not having that sometimes sucks…It’s almost like a security blanket in a way. When going for a heavy lift, just having them there cheering you on is motivating and the energy vibe helps so much. Also I love this sport for how much fun it is! But I love to share that fun with others! And when I train alone, the fun sometimes isn’t there especially when I get frustrated during and event…So seriously, someone please come train with me!!

Why do you compete in strongman? Because first off, I love it, and the empowering feeling it gives me. And also it’s the one sport that has actually helped me to grow to LOVE me and my body. I’m a SHW and to finally feel beautiful at the size I am, was just the most freeing feeling. This sport has helped me to gain independence. I started training for it when I was at my absolute lowest in life, and I truly believe that God has brought it into my life at that very moment for numerous reasons. It has surrounded me with the most AMAZING people (this community is like no other). It has allowed me to become passionate about something about and to create MY own path and MY own goals. It has also time and time again proved to me that (this will sound cliche but its SO true) if you have a goal and you want it to happen, if you work your ass off and focus and not worry anybody else than you CAN achieve it!!!

Anyone you’d like to thank / acknowledge for your success? GOD! He has been with me from day 1 and I’ve never had more faith in Him than I do now! He has given me all my strength and is with me at every single competition and training day getting me through each event! He is my strength and rock! And of course my parents for supporting me every single day during every hard decision I have ever had to make. They are amazing. And my boyfriend and coach Brian Fletcher. I can’t say enough about everything he has done for me! He knows this sport inside and out and will someday be WSM himself. His love for this sport inspires me everyday and he shows me how to be humble and just focus on myself. He is the best coach! 🙂

Favorite competition you’ve competed in? Why? Nationals 2015 because for a majority of us it was the first nationals we have ever done and we all bonded within that 5 hour span of competing. It was amazing. I came it not knowing any of these women, and left with 15 new sisters of strength. Along with hitting PRs and lifting weights that I didn’t even think I could! That competition and that prep for that competition strengthened me so much not only physically, but mentally and spiritually as well. It proved to me the power of having confidence and giving it your complete all!

What is the most important thing you have learned from competing? STOP worrying about everyone else! And STOP comparing yourself to someone else. You are You are an amazing reason! It doesn’t matter what they are doing or saying, because in the end if you are killing it and having fun, thats all that matters.

What are your future plans? Currently focused on the Arnold classic which is…THIS WEEKEND!! And long term goals is the become Worlds Strongest Woman. I’d also someday love to get more involved with this sport with helping other woman to train and help them to truly love who they are and what they are capable of.