Height : 5′ 9″
Weight Class : Masters

Location : Baltimore, Maryland
Occupation : Physical Therapist Assistant at a school for kids with disabilities
Gym : Back to Basics: Strength and Conditioning gym


Best OHP : 135lb. Log
Best Deadlift : 405lb.. Barbell
Best Squat : 353lb. back squat
Best Bench : 160lb.

How did you get started in strongman? A friend of mine, Sue Knause, convinced me to try it out

Other sports you participate(d) in? Powerlifting

Favorite event : Lifting medley, Yoke carry for distance and time

Least favorite event : sandbag carry for time

Athletic accomplishments / titles : 1st place Masters Ice Queen 2015, 2nd place Masters May Queen 2015, Maryland State Powerlifting Championship 2014 Masters, State record for DL, Squat and Bench, several other 1st places in various Powerlifting competitions

How often do you train? 3 days a week

Do you use supplements? No

What type of nutrition do you have with you on competition day? Bananas, sweet potato, protein shakes, Quest bar, chicken and rice

“Strongman has made me stronger on the outside which proved to be the catalyst for becoming a stronger person on the inside as well.”


Do you have any training partners? Yes! Sue Knause

Biggest obstacle you’ve overcome in your lifting career? Injuries, finding time to work out

Why do you compete in strongman? Love the challenge, love feeling strong

Anyone you’d like to thank / acknowledge for your success? My coach Geoffrey Blake and my lifting friends!

Favorite competition you’ve competed in? Why? Ice Queen/May Queen/ Charm City Strongwoman because awesome organizers, great camaraderie, excellent support.

What is the most important thing you have learned from competing? DO NOT compare yourself with the other competitors!!! Compete against yourself! Try to achieve the goals you have for yourself, not what other people are doing!

What are your future plans? Maryland State Powerlifting Competition in April 2016, probably more Ladies Lift Here competitions and Charm City Strongwoman competitions.