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Ladies Lift Here : Nutrition 101

By Gabrielle Hoffman of Gabby’s Gluten Free *Disclaimer: I am NOT a nutritionist, dietician, etc. I’m just sharing my knowledge and experience.* Read Part 2 Here   Carbs. Protein. Amino Acids. Monounsaturated Fats. Saturated Fats. Fasting. Macros… Nutrition is a complicated subject and one that is frequently full of controversy. It’s also one of the […]

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Dont’ Get Robbed

by Theresa Garee It happens all the time. You may have done it yourself. I lift. I am a mom. These are just two things that define me. But those two factors mean I am around many people who do not understand me. When I take my kids to a playdate at another mom’s house […]

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Pull-ups, Splits, & Flips: My Aerial Adventure

By Jessica Levine “You should come watch,” my friend said to me about 9 months ago, “I’m in a show that’s Cirque du Soleil meets gymnastics and I’m performing on aerial tissu.” “Aerial tissue???” I asked. “Well, no, tissue with no -e….it’s also called aerial silk and it’s great.”   So I went to watch […]

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