Dont’ Get Robbed

by Theresa Garee It happens all the time. You may have done it yourself. I lift. I am a mom. These are just two things that define me. But those two factors mean I am around many people who do not understand me. When I take my kids to a playdate at another mom’s house […]

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Ladies Lift Here Accepts ALS Challenge

Ladies Lift Here was challenged by Candace Grand Pre in the video below to take part in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. We accepted the challenge and will be donating 10% of the proceeds from our booth at Nova’s Summer Strongman Showdown to ALS. Ladies Lift Here is challenging Maya Winters and Kim Zimmerman. Also, […]

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Pull-ups, Splits, & Flips: My Aerial Adventure

By Jessica Levine “You should come watch,” my friend said to me about 9 months ago, “I’m in a show that’s Cirque du Soleil meets gymnastics and I’m performing on aerial tissu.” “Aerial tissue???” I asked. “Well, no, tissue with no -e….it’s also called aerial silk and it’s great.”   So I went to watch […]

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